March 10 - Pastel Still Life with Jane Steelman

March 10 - Pastel Still Life with Jane Steelman
Item# JS190310
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Product Description

Pastel Still Life

Instructor: Jane Steelman

Class Code: JS190310

Workshop fee: $120

Medium: Pastels

Sunday, March 10th, Noon-5 :00pm

Still Life painting teaches you how to look at objects and see them with a conscious awareness of their outline, shape, proportions, tone, color, texture, form and composition. These still life paintings can help you in other genres as well as produce very pleasing paintings for display. Pastel is dry medium applied in layers resembling other painting mediums. Like opaque paints, pastels can be layered and applied to cover previous applications. Mixing mostly happens on the surface as layers are applied.

In this class you will learn to create a simple still life with pastels, exploring basic pastel techniques including blocking, layering, mixing, and blending. Reference photos will be provided.

Supplies to bring:

Pastel Paper: Canson Mi-Teintes Paper, Black, cut to 8x10 or 11x14

Soft Pastels: Mungyo Gallery. I like the handmade best but others will work. If you already have other brands such as Sennelier, Schmincke or Unison, they will also work well. This class is not for oil pastels.

Creative Mark Blending Tortillions (small & medium)

Latex or non-latex gloves

Gatorboard size 16x24 or foam core board large enough to mount your paper

Masking tape

White charcoal pencil or white pastel pencil for drawing

Eraser such as Acurit Vanish Four In One Eraser

Set of Semi-hard pastels for underpainting: Brands to use: Mungyo or NuPastel

Set of Pastel Pencils. I recommend the Conté ŕ Paris set of 12 or

Faber Castel PITT Pastel Pencils.

Please let Jane know if you have any questions (