Jan 19 - Biz of Art: Your Why? Creating a Foundation through Vision and Values

Jan 19 - Biz of Art: Your Why? Creating a Foundation through Vision and Values
Item# SM200119

Product Description

Medium: Art Talk

Date: Sunday, January 19th. 12 noon 5:00pm

Code: SM200119

For: Artists of all types, wanting to grow their art business, start an art business or dream of an art business!


Give yourself the gift of a day retreat creatively focusing on setting up a firm foundation for your art business! Whether you are a seasoned artist or dreaming of getting started, you will want to explore your current vision, your values and create a mission intention that will pivot you into the next level of your art biz.

And guess what? This NOT a boring business planning workshop! It is fun, creative, and colorful with a bit of sparkly magic sprinkled in! You will have fun exploring and discovering by creating!

Susan Miller, PhD, LPCS, mixed media artist, expressive arts therapist, certified creativity coach and entrepreneur coach for creative souls, will guide you through the process of exploring, discovering, and activating your current vision for your art business by:

Learning what elements make a successful sustainable juicy creative/art business

Creating a gorgeous vision board that offers insight into your creative dreams

Discovering how your values (what you hold as important and true) impact you as an artist and your business of art

Making your own set of Truth Cards to help guide you in your decision making

Understanding who you are as an artist, pinpointing your perfect customers, and setting forth your mission statement.

Creating simple inspiring action steps that will move YOU, as an artist forward into your creative dreams!

Once you have this type of clarity, you are unstoppable! A clear vision sets the stage for your business decisions and makes it easy to continue to plan your business pursuits, instead of it being hap-hazard and feeling like you are spinning your wheels.

Supply List:

Painting apron or shirt

3 to 4 magazines for collaging (examples are Simple Living, Oprah, In Her Studio, any that call your name that you do not mind cutting up)

Images, quotes, words that you have already collected that resonate


5.5X8.5 inch Mixed-Media Visual Journal (68 Pages Vellum, 90lb) or Watercolor Visual Art Journal (68 Pages Cold Press Watercolor, 90lb)

14x18 or 16x20 Creative Mark Canvas Panel

Mod Podge

Sponge brush

Glue Stick


(All other supplies will be provided for you!)