Feb 24 - Creative Collage Techniques with Sharon DiGiulio

Feb 24 - Creative Collage Techniques with Sharon DiGiulio
Item# SD190224
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Product Description

Creative Collage Techniques

Instructor: Sharon DiGiulio

Class Code: SD190224

Workshop Fee: $120

Medium: Mixed Media

Sunday, February 24th Noon-5pm

Tell it like it is...Learn to jolt your collages into being artistically personal and telling your true authentic story. Use the things you love in compositions and colors that compliment you.

Supplies you’ll need:

Small jar of gel medium

Any surface you would like to work on – Claybords, Birch wood boards, DaVinci Boards, Stretched Canvas, etc.

Any items you would like to incorporate in your collage such as papers, coins, fabric, images, text. Bring items that mean something to you. Get them out of the drawer or off your computer…words, images, etc.

Polarflo watercolor brush set - #43763 or something similar

All other materials will be provided by the instructor